[CL] 2019.04.01 - So Cheesy!

The boring update logs that the GM writes to show that he is actually working. Also the place where the GM will announce stuff such as events.
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[CL] 2019.04.01 - So Cheesy!

Post by GM.nubs » 6 months ago

Dev Rants Logs

I announced that there will be a FAKE April's Fools Refine Event via discord. And I really meant it. It's really is an April's Fool.



But I also said, its a FAKE and double negative makes postive. Which means, refine event is still a go. But the name of the event is actually:

Milky Cheesy Festival


This is event last for 2 weeks from 2019.04.01 to 2019.04.15. In this events, you will have
  • 1.5x Base EXP and 1.5x Job EXP
  • 20% extra Donation Events for all donation above MYR 50.00
  • Refine Events (click this for the chance).
  • Special Missions (click this for more info)
    • #20488 | Costume Pope Ribbon
    • #20489 | Costume Pope Crown
    • #18682 | Teardrop
    • #18695 | Phoenix Crown
    • #18727 | Sedora Hat
Castle Rotation: 2019.04.01 - 2019.04.31
War of Emperium: First Edition - Bright Arbor (payg_cas01)
War of Emperium: Training Edition - Richard (te_prtcas02)

New Feature/Improvements
  • Added Zodiac headgears as Special Offer in the CashShop for 15 CP. Every Zodiac headgears can be converted into costume (click this for more info). Currently, offering
    • #16226 | Costume Aries Diadem
    • #16227 | Costume Aries Crown
  • Reset Attendance for April. New free headgears are:
    • Day 5: #5289 | Vanilmirth Hat
    • Day 10: #18555 | General Helmet [1]
    • Day 15: #18580 | Yggdrasil Crown [1]
    • Day 20: #19723 | Costume Sacred Torch Coronet
  • Separated Hair Extension from Geffen Mission and added it to its own Hair Missions (brasilis 202/171). Also added White hair variation. (click this for more info).
  • Added Bossnia to the server. Mechanics:
    • Talk to Bossnia Provider (prontera 129/125) to claim your #6320 | Premium Reset Stone x 4. You can only claimed it ONCE per UNIQUE ID.
    • #6320 | Premium Reset Stone cannot be traded, and can only be stored in the storage.
    • Make sure you have at least 1 x #6320 | Premium Reset Stone in your inventory. Talk to Bossnia Staff to enable 5 times entry. This will remove the #6320 | Premium Reset Stone.
    • The 5 times entry are LOCKED to the character. Make sure you use the proper character before talking to the Bossnia Staff.
    • The 5 times entry are deducted EVERY time you teleport to ANY bossnia maps (4 maps to choose from).
    • The map will automatically teleport every player in all Bossnia maps every 2 hours (to prevent abuse). This means, it warps out every player every 0000,0200,0400,0600.. 1000,1200,1400.. 2000,2200. Most MVPs in Bossnia respawn time are 2 hours.
    • The MVPs in all Bossnia maps also have their own respawn time.
    • Bossnia is NOT an instance, you still need to compete for the MVPs. The difference are the entries are limited.
    • Bossnia MVPs also counts towards MVP ranker.
    • Currently, this is still a test. Thus, no other way to get more #6320 | Premium Reset Stone.
    • If you still don't understand, ask your question on this thread or via Discord.
    • #12214 | Convex Mirror does not work in all bossnia maps.

  • Increased the spawn rate for:
    • #1275 | Alice - Robot Factory F1 (kh_dun01) from x25 to x50
  • WoE Castle - Bright Arbor: Changed the flag reinforcement warp point from 54/144 to 91/31 because its too close to the Emperium room.
  • Increased the amount of #6684 | Token Of Hero from Isle of Bios and Morse Cave from 1 to 2 for non-VIP and from 1 to 3 for VIP.
  • Fixed #12548 | Black Market Buying Store License to also be supported by the vending zone npc.

Bug Fixes
  • Removed "Nothing found in the selected map." message when entering portal (change map) in War of Emperium.
  • Properly fixed NPC distance to only limits Chat room instead of vending.
  • Fixed typo on Gonryun Mission (was Gontryun).

Other Notes
  • Bossnia is implemented to increase the chances of newer player to obtain chances to fight MVPs. The entry is limited thus, everyone should have a certain chance. The only issue is its a gamble. If you enter after someone else already clear the map. Then, its your bad luck. Try using #global to ask if anyone already clear the map. Its competitive but you don't have to be an arse.

If you find any issue or bugs, please kindly report to any channels you wish (Facebook Page, Discord, BitBucket)

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