[CL] 2019.05.13 - Happy Fasting #2

The boring update logs that the GM writes to show that he is actually working. Also the place where the GM will announce stuff such as events.
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[CL] 2019.05.13 - Happy Fasting #2

Post by GM.nubs » 5 months ago

Dev Rants Logs

Happy Fasting Week #2.
Also, most likely there will be NO special event this month. Maybe next month.

New Feature and Balancing
  • Added Arc Angeling spawn with 60 ~ 90 minutes spawn rate to Poring Island (pay_fild04).
  • Added Blue, Red, Green, and Violet hair extension styles.
  • Added more restriction to the free Premium Reset Stone claim (Bossnia entries). Now requires the claiming char to at least be lv150 and at least14 days after registration first login.
  • Added #5354 | Songkok and #5355 | Selendang to Rachel Mission.

Bug Fixes
  • Updated to the lastest rAthena.
  • Merge with cart_transaction branch. This includes a weight check on both the cart and the player's inventory. Which means this potentially fix the item being deleted when transferred when overweight.
  • Fixed level requirement for #5463 | Rainbow Scarf from lv90 to lv1.

Other Notes
  • Regretably, item lost due to the cart/inventory overweight issue cannot be recovered. The log data is not very clear to provide enough information to re-create those deleted item.

If you find any issue or bugs, please kindly report to any channels you wish (Facebook Page, Discord, BitBucket)

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