[CL] 2019.06.10 - Milky Fiesta

The boring update logs that the GM writes to show that he is actually working. Also the place where the GM will announce stuff such as events.
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[CL] 2019.06.10 - Milky Fiesta

Post by GM.nubs » 4 months ago

Dev Rants Logs

Happy Eid Fitr!

As promised last month, today will be the start of the Milky Fiesta. This event will last for 2 weeks (until 2019-06-24).
  • Double EXP event
  • Refine Event
  • 20% Bonus on Donation
  • Special Missions
    • #20270 | Costume Gryphon Wing Ears
    • #20069 | Costume Gryphon Hairband
    • #19537 | Costume Gryphon Hat
    • #19661 | Costume Sweet Bonnet
    • #20243 | Costume Choco Mint Bonnet
    • #19998 | Costume Dragon Turtle Hat
    • #20038 | Costume Alphonse Helmet
    • #20053 | Costume White King Tiger Doll Hat
I was actually working on something this week. However, due to limited time (as I am also celebrating the Eid Fitr festivities), I was unable to complete the "project". I am hoping that this "special project" will attract more players in the future. Lets hope that I manage to complete it by next week. This is also the reason why there aren't that much updates this week.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for anything that I have said or do or not do that may have hurt the feelings of the community.
Have fun.

New Feature and Balancing
  • Increased rare drop announcement to 0.25%.
  • Added entry/kill announcer to 1v1 PvP room.

Bug Fixes
  • Re-implemented roCORD. After 2 weeks of testing, it seems like the test server seems to still be working fine. Lets hope it is fine for the main server as well.

Other Notes
  • WoE:TE changes will be done next month as we are already in the middle of June.

If you find any issue or bugs, please kindly report to any channels you wish (Facebook Page, Discord, BitBucket)

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