[CL] 2019.03.18 - Infinite Space

The boring update logs that the GM writes to show that he is actually working. Also the place where the GM will announce stuff such as events.
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[CL] 2019.03.18 - Infinite Space

Post by GM.nubs » 7 months ago

Dev Rants Logs


Last week, we released Temple of the Demon God. This week we released Infinity Space. Infinity Space is basically a easier version of Endless tower. It is only the initial release so it may have some bugs. On that none, Temple of the Demon God instance should be more stable now. Thanks to Ankselam and Yumeira for testing it on Day1.

There aren't any WoE/PvP Balance this week. If you have anything you have to suggest regarding the WoE balances, please report it in this thread. I won't take anymore personal suggestion. We are also introducing new items this week.

Have fun.

New Feature/Improvements
  • Added Infinite Space Instance (some credits goes to Alayne). The script isntance was modified significantly by me.
    • Added second drop chance for #6905 | Broken Magic Stone in each boss-type monster in Infinite Space at 10% base chance (no VIP/bbg).
    • Added warp option to the Infinite Space NPC in the Instance category of the Warper NPC.
  • Added #1449 | Gelerdria[3] to Malangdo Enchant with 4 cost multiplier.
  • Added Temple of the Demon God into Instance category to the Warper NPC.
  • Added #22567 | Expedition Award Box to destroying mana orbs quest (in ToDG).
  • Added Zeny reward for the other 2 Fire Basin quest (kill 3 special Morroc Incarnation and Collecting Mana Crystal).
  • Added #6684 | Token of Hero to Expedition Award Box.
  • New Cash Item:
    • #20860 | Battle Surcoat [1] - 45 cp
    • #28598 | Supplemental Chip [1] - 35 cp
    • #19306 | Heart Card in Mouth - 35 cp
    • #28506 | Storm Stone [1] - 35 cp (also a mission item)
    • #28484 | Rebellion's Scarf [1] - 35 cp (also a mission item)
  • New Missions Item:
    • #28506 | Storm Stone [1] (also a cash item)
    • #28484 | Rebellion's Scarf [1] (also a cash item)
    • #5918 | Gambler Seal [1]
    • #18563 | Heart Wing Hairband [1]
    • #19882 | Costume Flowerpot Mask
    • #19569 | Costume Sprout Hat
    • #5691 | Sailor's Bandana
    • #5307 | Carmen Miranda's Hat
    • #18878 | Palace Guard Cap [1]

  • Removed gvg flag from Test Damage room.
  • Increased the spawn rate of #1417 | Zipper Bear in Shrine of Gonryun Queen (gon_dun01) (from 30 to 60).
  • Increased the spawn rate of #1833 | Kasa, #1837 | Imp, #1831 | Salamander in Thor Volcano Dungeon (thor_v01,thor_v02,thor_v03) (roughly 20-40% increase).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed WoE castle owner announcer. It was still bounded to Aldebaran's Neuschwanstein.
  • Fixed WoE RoDEX mail reward title (was still showing the old castle name).
  • Implemented a potential fix for a hidden issue in the Identify NPC.
  • Temple of the Demon God:
    • Fixed a broken skills for #3097 | Despair God Morroc (wrong skill setting).
    • Fixed elemental type of #3097 | Despair God Morroc to Shadow 2.
    • Added missing Mana Crystal spawns. These mobs are spawns with-in the 3 bosses room. If the bosses are killed before they are killed, they will automatically despawned.
    • Fixed more "parallel" issues regarding ToDG.
    • Optimized some part of the script slightly.
  • [HotFix] 2019.03.11
    • Fixed Gelerdria[0] slotting cost in Leaablem (he was requesting 1bil zeny).
    • Fixed some "parallel" issues with ToDG (credits to Ankhselam and Yumeira for testing).
  • [HotFix] 2019.03.13
    • Fixed Shadow Chaser's Manhole, affecting global cool down. It should only affect the skill itself.

Other Notes
  • None this week.

If you find any issue or bugs, please kindly report to any channels you wish (Facebook Page, Discord, BitBucket)

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