[QR] 2019.03.25 - Quick Restart

The boring update logs that the GM writes to show that he is actually working. Also the place where the GM will announce stuff such as events.
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[QR] 2019.03.25 - Quick Restart

Post by GM.nubs » 6 months ago

Dev Rants Logs
There aren't any notable changes this week. I been busy updating a few threads.
1. https://bit.ly/milk-server-features
2. https://bit.ly/milky-newbie-guide
3. https://bit.ly/milky-woe

Castle Rotation: 2019.04.01 - 2019.04.31
War of Emperium: First Edition - Bright Arbor (payg_cas01)
War of Emperium: Training Edition - Richard (te_prtcas01)

New Feature/Improvements
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  • Increase the restriction for creating a chatroom distant from NPC (from 0) to 5 tiles (to avoid NPC being blocked).
  • Increased the spawn rate for:
    • #1884 | Mavka - Dremuci Forest (mosk_dun03) from 15x to 30x
    • #2153 | Cendrawasih - Tribal Village (dew_fild01) from x10 to 20x

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which made NPC to stuck which is the byproduct of increasing the inventory size (translation: inventory size stays at 250, and the bug is fix).
  • HotFix 2019.03.22 - Fixed #20860 | Battle Surcoat, #32222 | Brooch of Hero, and #28717 | Valkyrie Knife item script.

Other Notes
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If you find any issue or bugs, please kindly report to any channels you wish (Facebook Page, Discord, BitBucket)

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